Retrofit biochemistry for the corrugated packaging industry.

CleanPrint USA is totally focused on the corrugated packaging industry, we are industry specialists delivering world’s-best-practice cleaning systems for starch and ink.

We are the only company in the world with this technology

It starts with EVOLUTION STARCH OFF, a cutting-edge technology using an optimized blend of starch hungry, enzyme based detergents working at a molecular level to breakdown all starches commonly used in your corrugators. Cleans better than other methods and uses less manpower.

And continues with EVOLUTION BIOCLEAN!

Gain extra 30 minutes of production each day!

EVOLUTION BIOCLEAN is a vastly superior converter cleaning system, delivering faster set-ups, cleaner machines, increased production time, increased protection for your equipment and staff with advanced technology that offers competitive advantage to our clients.

Our ‘Cleaning-in-Place’ automatic productivity systems are patented technology offering ‘End-to-End’ corrugator-to-converter game changing solutions to optimise your productivity.

Investment in your plant with CleanPrint pays off quickly, your ROI on our systems ranges from ten months for maintenance down to under two weeks for production!

You can invest with confidence in CleanPrint Systems.


Evolution Starch Off - CleanPrint USA
Evolution Bioclean - CleanPrint USA
Low VOC Bioclean - CleanPrint USA


Watch our video for more detail on the CleanPrint system


Simply cycle EVOLUTION STARCH OFF through your lines, glue pots and corrugating equipment – everywhere starch is used. Heavy starch build ups are removed completely without scrubbing or chiselling in just 4 hours. EVOLUTION STARCH OFF will also dissolve resin-injected starches as well.

  • Ease of use in existing machinery
  • Fast acting biodegradable enzyme-based detergent
  • Clears away starch buildup on corrugators completely
  • Reduced down time from blockages
  • Reduced board warping
  • Reduced delamination
  • Greater board strength
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Gains time/manpower resource
  • Increased plant protection and safety
  • Reduced water usage
  • Reduced waste water problems


Our patented ‘Cleaning in Place’ technology means rolls, ink pumps, lines and  all areas where ink flows in the machine are automatically cleaned with every  rinse – quickly and effectively without removal. EVOLUTION BIOCLEAN reduces a typical 12 plus minute cleanup down to a 2-4 minute ‘hands-off’ cycle that improves quality – reduces set-up time, reduces downtime and maintenance while increasing overall production.

Depending on your shift structure, you may increase your production output and revenue by extra 30 minutes per day.


  • 20-50 thousand extra boxes per day
  • 4 minute or less automatic washups
  • Dramatically reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Dramatically reduced breakdowns and damage from dried ink
  • Quick and efficient, saves water
  • 100% non-hazardous and operator safe
  • Non Hazardous and Non Corrosive
  • Lower pH than most other cleaners
  • Low VOC
  • Increased plant protection and safety
  • Reduced water usage

CleanPrint USA liquifies dried ink in seconds

Save thousands with this Cleanprint retrofit

4 minute automatic wash up