Evolution Bioclean

A stunning improvement,
now 50% more effective and cleans your aniloxes like magic
in minutes with our Automated Cleaning System

Evolution BioClean before & after side by side

Gain extra 30 minutes of production each day!

The patented ‘BIOCLEAN’ Automatic System is an international industry standard and our 5G has been recognised as an astounding success in the printing industry. Now, EVOLUTION BIOCLEAN moves the bar ahead yet again. With our continuous development program and optimisation of our interactive molecular formulations, BIOCLEAN now offers an amazing 2 – 4 minute wash cycle – a 50% reduction in the wash cycle time from 5G, plus increased savings through higher supplied concentration and greater dilution rates at the print machine.

Cleans your aniloxes, cleans your pumps and pipes and everywhere ink goes. It’s cutting edge chemical technology with a unique blend of safe, water based solvents and specially designed enzymes to liquefy dried ink rapidly without any corrosive effect on equipment.

Used exclusively with CleanPrint’s patented automatic cleaning system, EVOLUTION BIOCLEAN’s optimised technology improves anilox cleaning performance and reduces solids in waste water at even greater dilution rates, bringing more savings in production and maintenance costs.

Depending on your shift structure, you may increase your production output and revenue by extra 30 minutes per day.

New EVOLUTION BIOCLEAN can be used to safely and quickly removes ink off all surfaces in your plant. Non-corrosive and non-hazardous.



  • True TWO TO FOUR MINUTE wash cycle
  • Unique blend of special enzymes
  • Breakthrough solvent technology
  • Dissolves dried ink even faster than before
  • Greater dilution rates
  • Increased production capability
  • Greater maintenance savings
  • Increased operator effectiveness
  • Easier and quicker plate cleaning
  • Reduced solid content in waste water
  • Better waste water compliance
  • Increased pride in machine care
  • Non-corrosive and non-hazardous
  • Your printers love it !

Cleanprint Bioclean - 2 minute washing cycle


Enzymes are biological molecule catalysts that act on molecules like ink and starch. They don’t get used up in each reaction and can work in the right conditions until all the ink and starch is broken apart and dissolved. Enzymes are a part of nature and are fully biodegradable.

Cleaning in Place – Enzyme based series detergents do not require plant to be disassembled.


The water supply must be clean, it is prepared for use in the system with valves, filters and a pressure regulator. Isolation valves are used in the system to allow for ease of maintenance. The water then enters the diluter where it combines with the Evolution BioClean.

The bulk supply 264 gallon/1000lt tote cleaning solution is placed at a convenient position in the plant where the concentrate is piped to the diluter. The Bintech volume reader sends usage data via the mobile network to plant management, so usage can be monitored and optimized and any wastage controlled. Once the BioClean leaves the diluter it is piped to each machine via a Heat Exchange Unit where it is heated to 95-1040F/35-400C for optimal performance.

Two circulating pumps are used alternately each 12 hours to prolong pump life and to provide a backup against failure, whilst providing continuous product supply.

Each print deck has a Programable Logic Controller that controls the automatic dosage of Evolution BioClean through a manifold system to the 2-4 minute programmed wash and rinse cycle. The inline cleaning process leaves the anilox rolls, pumps and pipes clean and ready for use without causing any wear or tear on rolls, alleviating the need for removal and heavy cleaning. Each machine has a foaming spray wand for cleaning plates and externals of equipment. Always foam plates from the bottom to the top.

A separate pipe carries Evolution BioClean from the tote through another diluter to provide a higher concentration solution for manual washups during maintenance shut downs.

On completion of the installation we will walk the appropriate person the plant chooses (fitter that participated in the installation) through the system. CleanPrint will spend a day explaining the system to the operators to ensure correct understanding of operation.

The plant will sign off that the installation is satisfactorily completed. Then the plant will maintain the system with very minimal maintenance required.

Cleanprint will warranty the hardware if correctly maintained for 12 months.

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