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Evolution Starch Off

Multi-Optimized biodegradable enzyme control for starch removal, designed to work with CleanPrint’s Automated Cleaning System

Corregator starch removal | CleanPrint’s Automated Cleaning System

EVOLUTION STARCH OFF GEN2 is a cutting-edge ‘Cleaning in Place’ starch remover, offering greater than 100% activity increase over our previous very successful Super Starch Off. It is an optimized blend of enzyme based detergents designed to remove starch buildups overnight or during downtime, without using corrosive and dangerous caustic or chlorine cleaners.

The EVOLUTION STARCH OFF system and product has a World Patent pending and is the most exciting breakthrough in starch removal, waste water and equipment maintenance today.


  • Reduced down time from blockages
  • Reduced board warping
  • Reduced delamination
  • Reduced cure temperature and energy cost
  • Reduced solids in your waste treatment plant
  • Cleans applicators giving even distribution of starch
  • Replaces damaging corrosive caustic or chlorine cleaners
  • Reduced water wastage and trade waste for treatment
  • Time saved (hours) increases production or gives extra maintenance time
  • Protects your equipment from excessive wear


1 DAILY MANUAL MAINTENANCE: Use a foamer to spray warm ESO onto areas of starch buildup during cleaning. Re-apply multiple times untill the build-up has come off.

2 WEEKLY MANUAL MAINTENANCE: Mix ESO with warm water in your starch mixing tank and circulate through tanks, lines and pumps for at least 4 hours during weekly maintenance.

3 CONTINUOUS MAINTENANCE: Install our patented automatic dilution and delivery system to circulate warm ESO on demand throughout your corrugator and starch kitchen. Makes your cleanups faster easier and more effective.

EVOLUTION STARCH OFF starch remover for corrugator machines |
EVOLUTION STARCH OFF starch remover for corrugators |
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  1. Install our automated patent pending ESO delivery system (CleanPrint supervised). Our installation includes a CleanPrint supplied hot water service for 149°F/65°C temperature control and dilution device to a tap and hose to fill pots and foam gun for daily manual application to external surfaces.
  2. For deep system cleaning, manually diluted ESO from your starch kitchen at the higher temp of 167-185°F/75-85°C is circulated and recycled through pipes, pumps, tanks, over rolls and glue pots for a minimum of 4 hours weekly. (See notes below)
  3. We require a suitable position for ESO 264 gallon/1000 litre container with easy and safe forklift access.


  1. For daily cleaning, foam ESO on external equipment diluted to 20% and heated to 131-149°F/55-65°C controlled by a hot water system we install in your plant and reapply a few times and allow to soak over 30 minutes for a full wash-up. Rinse clean with water.
  2. For weekly cleaning, dilute ESO concentrate with warm water at 167-185°F/75-85°C heated from your plant’s starch kitchen boiler system to make the amount required to circulate through your corrugator. Circulate ESO through system for a minimum 4 hours at 167-185°F/75-85°C at 1:5 (20%) for normal buildup. Circulate for 4-6 hours for heavy buildup. DO NOT USE DIRECT STEAM INJECTION into the ESO, it is above the optimal temperature and will destroy the enzymes. If PVC piping is used, temperature must be restricted to 122°F/50°C .
  3. Rinse system clean with water through all the equipment and run to waste.


EVOLUTION STARCH OFF is supplied in 1000 litre/264 gallon litre bulk containers to be diluted at 1:5 (20%) with water. It can be applied manually or automatically.


Enzymes are biological molecule catalysts that act on other biological molecules like starch. They don’t get used up in each reaction and can work in the right conditions until all the starch is broken apart and dissolved. Enzymes are a part of nature and are fully biodegradable.


There are no hazardous waste products in the EVOLUTION STARCH OFF enzyme process. By using EVOLUTION STARCH OFF you remove the need for corrosive cleaners, you also remove the undissolved solids and corrosive cleaners from your waste water, reducing your waste water process costs.

EVOLUTION STARCH OFF is optimised, unique, simple, safe and effective

Corregator starch removal | CleanPrint’s Automated Cleaning System


Lab test on ESO starch at 40° C,
dilution 1:5 (20%), with stirring.
Best temp is 70° C


Rvolution Starch Off Test Starch

Rvolution Starch Off Starch after 30min

Rvolution Starch Off Starch after 1hr

Rvolution Starch Off Starch after 1.5hr

Rvolution Starch Off Starch after 2hr

Rvolution Starch Off Starch after 2.5hr

After 2.5hrs at 40° C with stirring,
the ESO has become cloudy
and the test starch is almost
completely reduced to precipitate