Interview with the founder

BCN interviewed Geoff Literski the founder of this remarkable system and product.

Geoff LiterskiCleanPrint USA stands out as a leading formulator and manufacturer of cleaning products and systems for the box industry. Our patented ‘Cleaning in Place’ automatic delivery system and cutting edge chemical technology protects your equipment from dried ink problems quickly and efficiently whilst increasing your production time.

CleanPrint USA brings over 30 years’ experience manufacturing cleaning chemicals for different food industries – poultry and beef processing plants, catering companies, confectionary companies and dairies, plus hospitals, trucking and packaging companies.

CEO of an earlier chemical cleaning business, Geoff Literski left that after inventing a future-proof hydroponic lettuce supply business. While purchasing corrugated boxes for stock, he found many boxes failed. Investigating this he went into a box plant to see why.

“I saw unsolved problems I knew could be fixed with my previous biochemical experience, and so started CleanPrint. We invented a ground-breaking fix that could increase revenue for corrugated plants by millions of dollars annually. We have already proved the best way to increase production time and revenue with existing machinery, is to minimise the downtime and lost production hours.”

“For the last 8 years we have only focused on the box industry and have developed patented systems/products for automatically cleaning converters and corrugators. CleanPrint USA is totally focused on the corrugated packaging industry. We are industry specialists delivering world’s-best-practice patented cleaning systems and do that with a 100% emphasis on developing and supplying environmentally responsible products.”

“For converters we achieve and maintain clean ink lines and pumps, anilox rolls and chambers with a 2-4 minute full wash and rinse cycle after each print job. This has been proven again recently in a 5 month trial period in a 25 colour plant, to save over 2 minutes a set up – more than one hour extra production a day. This does not take into account reduced ink pump failures, reduced PM clean up to 15 minutes and other long-term time and cost savings, with reduced anilox roll and chamber replacements.”

“Amazingly, recently we had feedback that one site was gaining an extra 4 hours a day by using our Evolution BioClean. This just blows us away.” Geoff explains, “we promote our products and systems conservatively and 1 hour extra production per day is a minimum we have achieved across many, many sites. Four hours is by far the highest we have achieved.”

CleanPrint Solutions offer an exclusive patented range of proprietary cleaning solutions and delivery systems. EVOLUTION STARCH OFF for corrugators and EVOLUTION BIOCLEAN for converters includes naturally occurring solvents, patented surfactants and enzyme technology offering the latest from a constantly developing research and development program.

  • EVOLUTION STARCH OFF offers patent pending innovative technology for dissolving starch in your corrugators. Keeping your applicators clean allows for perfect spread of starch, reducing warp and delamination, resulting in stronger board, lower GSM and higher production values.
  • EVOLUTION BIOCLEAN is the latest patented development in a line of very successful technology to automatically clean everywhere the ink goes giving 1-hour extra production per day – perhaps 50,000 extra boxes a day.

Geoff is ecstatic about the performance of the new Evolution Starch Off, “Our R&D team have been refining Evolution Starch Off and the performance just keeps getting better. This is stunning, when we first started with Starch Off, it wasn’t fast enough. However, after two and a half years of further research and testing, hardened external starch is softened, liquefied, and rinsed away within 30 minutes. And this is all with eco-friendly non harmful technology.”

Geoff once again, “Our specialised experience and knowledge in retrofit biochemistry for the box industry has allowed us to create our patented breakthrough ‘Cleaning in Place’ systems. Using cutting edge biochemistry and chemistry we deliver a cleaning system that is vastly superior to anything else on the market, and we are the only company in the world with this revolutionary technology.”

“Our staff skill level is second to none, with in-house design and implementation personal with 40+ years’ experience in electrical and plumbing, lifetime experience in engineering in the running of plants and building corrugators, plus chemists and biochemists. We employ the best specialists we can find, to ensure the best possible outcome across all disciplines, so our product and systems remain cutting edge and ahead of the competition, while delivering environmentally friendly and profitable outcomes for our clients.“

The CleanPrint System is used by major international companies such as Pratt, OJI, Packaging Corporation America, International Paper, KRUGER INTERNATIONAL, Atlantic Packaging , Green Bay Packaging and many independents, through distributors such as Clean Print SOLUTIONS, CPUSA, to name a few. Their biochemical solutions ensure the cartons and cardboard products these companies produce are delivered with increased quality and speed and at lower cost. The corrugated products produced in these plants are global ‘best quality’ and the machinery maintained by their ‘End-to-end, Cleaning in Place’ systems ensure these companies enjoy a continuing sustainable competitive advantage.

Geoff, “We continually strive to be ahead of the game and use science and chemistry to design custom made solutions for our client’s individual situations. We will install our technology, to deliver a cleaning system that is vastly superior to anything else on the market, when you engage our product supply agreement.”

“In the last 12 months we have introduced our new “Evolution” upgrade of both Starch Off and BioClean. As a complete ‘end to end’ plant system we have optimized our very successful previous products to again reduce the cleaning times and increase the effectiveness, so it’s a major breakthrough even by our standards. In particular, Evolution BioClean has a new patented surfactant that improves on our industry standard 5G by 40% to manage the faster drying inks.”

“We take our corporate responsibilities very seriously and we continue with our original Ecochem values we started with, to take care of the environment with sustainable eco-friendly solutions and build successful business partnerships with excellent value productivity systems.

We have some very promising new developments being tested in our labs, these will then be thoroughly road tested in one or two plants until we are ready to launch – of course I can’t give any details on this yet, but as we see it now, it will be exciting for the industry.”

Clean Print Solutions is originally from Australia, but have expanded business into Canada, the US and New Zealand and are in talks with companies in Mexico, South America, Japan and Europe. It proves that when you have a great product/system, the market wants to embrace it.