EBC Unique Selling Points

CleanPrint USA stands out as a leading formulator and manufacturer of cleaning products and systems for the box industry. Our patented ‘Cleaning in Place’ automatic delivery system and cutting edge chemical technology protects your equipment from dried ink problems quickly and efficiently whilst increasing your production time.

The CleanPrint system will make your current plant faster. Our patented ‘Cleaning in Place’ technology means rolls, ink pumps, lines and all areas where ink flows in the machine are automatically cleaned with every rinse – quickly and effectively without removal.

An Extra 30 minutes– More Time Printing, Less Time Cleaning Up And Maintenance

With our patented Evolution BioClean and delivery system, you can have 2-4 minute washups. After 1-2 months the internals of your equipment are relatively clean, anilox rolls now have greater than 70% cell depth, ink lines and ink pumps are cleaned up so before maintenance clean ups drop from 1-2 hours to 15-20 minutes. Ink pump failures that stop production for 20-45 minutes each time, do not occur, set up times can be reduced by 0.5-2 minutes and more, depending on your shift structure this can easily add up to more than 30 minutes wasted time, conservatively. NOW SAVED!

Time savings: Based on a 15 colour, 5 converter plant

Set up per shift15 mins
Scheduled maintenance36 mins
Pump failures7 mins
Ink spills15 mins
Anilox roll replacement2 mins
Double and triple rinses stopped6 mins
Doctor blades rubber role replacement???
Total:81 mins / shift

Saves Money – Make A Difference In Your Company

Keeping the ink delivery system and anilox rolls clean on your existing machinery is one of the most profitable and simple changes a box plant can make today. An immediate and cost effective alternative to investment in faster machinery. Saving money on maintenance, downtime and capital cost is an obvious goal to any box plant. Ink pump failures, replacement anilox rolls, chambers and blades all cost big money, ink wastage and hours of cleaning labour all add up, conservatively that can be around $130,000 per year. The Evolution BioClean System can save you that amount. Who’s going to be the golden boy that makes that difference in your company?

Time savings: Based on a 15 colour, 5 converter plant

Reduced ink pump failure and capital$1350 / month
Ink wastage$2000 / month
Reduction cleaning labour$3300 / month
Capital replacement rolls chambers blades etc.$4000 / month
Total:$10,650 / month
Reduces wastage of boxes$?
Reduced return product$?
Reduced print plate damage81 mins / shift
Conservatively that can be around$130,000 per year ??

Protects Machinery

In your converting plant, our Bioclean technology quickly and efficiently cleans your ink systems to reduce cleaning downtime and maintenance issues, giving faster setup and more production time while it helps protect your machinery investment.

A clean machine saves you money and time. Keeping your equipment clean with Evolution BioClean makes your blades last longer, dramatically reduces down time with blocked ink pumps, you do not scratch up (score) your anilox rolls with dried ink against blades. Ink dried on equipment will corrode equipment. You wouldn’t drive your car without oil, so don’t start up your anilox rolls with dried ink against blades every day.

Breakthrough Solvent Technology

Our cutting edge chemical technology is based on naturally occurring water soluble solvents, blended with solvents that keep ink liquified combined with patented surfactants specifically formulated for dissolving ink, plus uniquely sourced, naturally occurring enzymes that break down the molecular structure of the ink in minutes, allowing our rapid wash system to give you back  production time.


Enzymes are biological molecule catalysts that act on molecules like ink and starch. They don’t get used up in each reaction and can work in the right conditions until all the ink and starch is broken apart and dissolved. Enzymes are a part of nature and are fully biodegradable.

Low Dilution

Many other products in the marketplace are not specifically designed for ink and the systems in the corrugated packaging industry. They are often used either straight or up to 1:5 dilution rate. Our automatic delivery system and cutting edge product works rapidly and guarantees a 1:50 dilution rate. Safe on your machinery and your staff. Cost effective too!

2-4 Minute Wash – Increases Your Production Time

The CleanPrint system will make your current plant faster. Our patented ‘Cleaning in Place’ technology means rolls, ink pumps, lines and all areas where ink flows in the machine are automatically cleaned with every rinse – quickly and effectively without removal. Depending on the converter we have a fully automatic 2-4 minute wash up cycle, cleaning and rinsing efficiently and so increasing your production time.

Greater Maintenance Savings

We protect your equipment so it stays as new – it saves you big money. At one of our client’s, the anilox roll company came to inspect the anilox rolls, looking to get refurbishment and replacement busines and asked why they were not told the anilox rolls were new. They were 5 years old – they had our system and product operating from the start. Doesn’t that say everything!

Increased Operator Effectiveness – Earn Money, Not Waste Time

You printers earn you money when they are printing, not when they are waiting for machine fixes. Stopped converters to clean up ink flow backs, waiting for maintenance to replace an ink pump or the colour isn’t correct as the board is compromised due to high print plate pressure when they can’t get a good enough impression. Your converters run smoother, longer when you use the Evolution BioClean System.

Easier And Quicker Plate Cleaning

This could not be easier or quicker. Place the print plate on the grate or stand. Foam it with the retractable foam gun, let it sit while the new plate is fitted, then lightly scrub and rinse. This doesn’t take more than 2 minutes. Forget people coming in on the weekend to clean plates – let them stay home for a Bud.

Non-Corrosive And Non-Hazardous – Safe For People And Machinery

Many products in use have a pH as high as 13 – greater than 11 will corrode alloys in chambers and cause anilox rolls to blister. Evolution BioClean in use is automatically controlled with a pH below 10 and is completely non-corrosive to the converter equipment. Your printers love it being non-hazardous to them.

Independent plate manufacturer McDermit state that after 24 , 48 and 72 hours of soaking 0-5 % hardening and/or swelling is good 5-10% is acceptable and over 10% then product is unsuitable for their plates. After testing Evolution BioClean, even their most sensitive liquid polymers did not deviate by more than 0.67%.